Jab Tak Hain Jaan- The Movie

Disclaimer:- This is not a film review, neither I am a critic, and neither do I have sufficient knowledge to criticize works of great Filmmakers. These are my reactions after watching the movie.

I am smoking cigarette and drinking coffee while writing this blog, but that doesn’t mean I am promoting cigarette smoking or caffeine intake.

Smoking and Drinking is injurious to health.


Sharukh Khan, as I always say and believe is a brilliant performer, he did best in the movie what he does best- Romance. And ofcourse Katrina, who else could have suited best to portray the grandeur and aristocracy of yashraj films? (and again, I am not speaking about acting)

Phase 1 –> What I like about most of the grand Indian cinemas is the method. Actors are not chosen so as to suit the characters of the film, on the contrary films are made so as to suit the actors. Whatever. But my intentions were simple, enjoy 220 mins, because life is so much boring, and I needed some relaxation. I am a very emotional person, so I liked the last 15 minutes more than the first 2 hours 40 mins. I am not going to discuss why I liked only the last 15 mins because of only one reason, I will have to type more, and apart from been an emotional person I am bit lethargic too, sometimes. Oh yes, how can I forget about  Anoushka Sharma, I liked her in the movie. Her belly, abs, chiseled buttocks, thighs and mama mia!! those thighs. she has improved a lot.

Phase 2 –>  What I have understood and learned?

a) Power of Jesus is either limited to only english speaking nations or ten million hindu god and goddess has the ability to subdue the Jesus effect.

b) It is quite possible to join Indian Army after 28 years of age.

c) Electrodes can be unplugged from a live RDX without detonating.

d) I thought Army promotions are subject to strict norms which is : Promotions are based on a time scale for the first three ranks: one becomes a Lieutenant after 2 years of service, a Captain after 4 years of service and a Major after 13 years. After this, promotions are based on selection depending on the frequency with which positions become free. But the movie taught me, one can rise to become a Major within 10 years.

e) Fall in love while you are young, so that if you crash you have sufficient time to hold on to it. Atleast before your sperm count starts falling. and you might get back your lost love.

Last but not the least-

f) Sign of aging For men, white beards here and there and since women don’t grow beard, hence no sign of aging.

I am good at pissing off people. So if you are feeling abusive, don’t resist abuse your heart out!! Cheers!!


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